in sickness and in health...

It's just hitting me how much having two kids greatly impacts the life of my family. Kristy has been sick and it's really been hard for both of us just to get the day going, kids fed, etc. My mom has been helping out where she can (and she helped huge yesterday), but relying on mom isn't exactly going to last, especially after we move out (which will hopefully be soon).

But there's also a really great side two having two kids already. They're actually a lot of fun to be around and it's humbling to think about the fact that God has entrusted Jed and Riley to us. It's a lot like taking medicine, there's nothing way exciting about swallowing pills, but the stuff that goes on inside your body is pretty remarkable. Parenting is alot like that. You might be wiping a butt now, but it paves the way for so much in the future- there's so much going on that I can't even see or imagine yet.

Parenting really is mundane and beautiful all at the same time.