Sermon Audio from St. Timothy CPC

I had been asking Jesus for an opportunity to preach, and out of nowhere St. Timothy Cumberland Presbyterian Church called me because my pastor (who has never heard me preach) recommended me. I almost said no because of time constraints (I was learning Greek this summer), but remembered that I'd been praying for this opportunity, so...

After meeting with a committee, we landed on preaching for six weeks through the Book of Galatians. Not exactly light fare, but the challenge was going to be fun. After the second week, I asked the sound guy if we could record the services. He agreed (thanks, Frank).

For all interested, here's some preaching on Galatians.
ht: Sermon Cloud

Galatians: To Christ Through Abraham - 3 of 6 | listen or download
Galatians: Why the Law? - 4 of 6 | listen or download
Galatians: Resisting Slavery - 5 of 6 | listen or download
Galatians: 6 of 6 | coming soon


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RC said...

Ask and you will receive...and you only have to ask God :-)