The Caperton Family Newsletter

Happy 2009 from the Fort Worth Capertons!

We're doing well, but didn't get the Christmas card done in time, so it turned into a New Year's email. Here's a little bit about how everyone is doing:


We love being a family of seven. The big family atmosphere and the friendship that comes with it is a testament to God's grace, and we're thankful. We're active in at 121 Community Church in Grapevine, TX, and we've just started (along with two other families) a Life Group there. This past year has been a great time of new beginnings and healing.


Kristy is enjoying life at home with five kids. Somewhere between the twins spitting up, the dirty diapers, and the whirlwind of the older three kids, Kristy maintains great composure and is a grounding force of all of us. Thanks to some help, Kristy gets relief for a few hours a week and spends time giving our children each some special attention. Sometimes she takes the girls out to lunch; other times it's a coloring date with her boys. Additionally, Kristy has found great friendships among some of the seminary wives.

Drew is working full-time in graphic design for the seminary and loves his job and his co-workers. It's been a real blessing to get to know other seminary students and to hear how God is directing them. Right now, he's taking a winter term course which brings the total to 16 hours completed over the first year (3 A's and 2 B's). With 10 hours planned for this Spring, the course is set for three more years at seminary.


Jedidiah Brooks will only be 5 this January (21st), but he's as tall as a first grader. He's also growing up in other ways- taking on a few house chores, changing diapers, and being a terrific big brother. Lately, Jed has shown an interest in super-heroes and wild animals, and it's not unusual to see him flying around the corner or growling at his little sisters. He's also found a creative outlet in drawing and he draws everything from family portraits to animals to monsters to buildings. He's really very good at it and we hope to encourage it in any way we can.

Riley Ember is 3.5 years old and blossoming into a lovely little girl. She loves to pretend to be a princess, opting only for dresses and jewelry. Riley also is starting to help around the house with cooking and helping with Cash and Canon (whom she calls "her babies"). She's becoming more able to share her thoughts, and a funny one that came out recently was, "God is the best keeper of the whole world."

Story LaRue just turned 2 and is learning quickly. She is using sentences, improving her articulation, and is in the middle of potty training. The "terrible 2's" have set in as she can be quite independent and defiant, but overall, she's pretty obedient and likes to help in any way she can. Story likes playing with Cash and Canon, and spends most of her time singing, running around, and eating random ground objects. Her affinity for dirt is astounding.

Cash Urban is 5 months old and is all smiles. He's been having trouble getting sleep lately, but overall he and Canon are getting good at sleeping all the way through the night. Cash is a little bigger than Canon (14.5 lbs to Canon's 12.5 lbs) and has a deep baby voice (imagine a man saying "goo goo" and you're close). He's also learning to lift his head up, hold a bottle, and pretty soon he should be crawling.

Canon Gabrielle is the daintier of the two twins. She is very mild-mannered and entertains herself well by rolling around and reaching for her hanging toys. When you talk to her, Canon will open her eyes very wide as if extremely interested in what you're saying, and it's very cute to watch her move her eyebrows up and down while smiling. When she's eating, she will sometimes reach out to grab Cash's hand. They already seem to have a very cool connection.

Thanks to all who have prayed for us and helped us. Our family is blessed for it and God is honored in it. Have a happy new year.


Drew, Kristy, Jed, Riley, Story, Cash, and Canon Caperton