three down, one to go...

Many things needed to happen in order for us to root down in Lafayette. First, we needed to physically move here. Next, we needed to start a church and I needed to get a job. God has faithfully provided us with the ability to move here, church beginnings, and a job. The last piece of the puzzle is a home for the Capertons to call their own. I don't know what it is about living in your own space, but it's so crucial in the establishment of a family and its ministry in a community. For all that have prayed for us, please continue as we look at houses, hoping for a great place for our family and for ministry.

Other random happenings:

Our pediatrician, who's from India, said that our children were lucky. "In my country, it is a sign of good luck for the children to look like one parent and have the temperment of the other."

Jed now points to every car and says "caug," we're building on that with truck, but he's not there yet.

Vox Church, Incorporated will be a reality either Thursday or Friday. That means legal recognition and a bank account. Scary.

Kristy wore a really great outfit today and she looked really, really goood.

I've learned at my job that I'm mainly going to be handling partnerships with schools as opposed to churches and businesses, and I don't know if I like that yet.

Did I mention we're house hunting?

"House hunting" makes it sound much easier than it is. Usually you hunt things by tracking things down and capturing them, but since most houses don't move, you'd think finding them would be easier. It's not.

My friend, Lafe, is coming down to visit soon. He hasn't really said when he's coming or even that he's coming any time relatively soon. I just thought if I posted about it, he'd come sooner... and bring some friends with him.


Lafe said...

I'll make you a deal, you find a house. And I'll help you move.

Sarah said...

Good one, Lafe!

I'll make you a deal: you come here and I'll hold your baby.

Drew Caperton said...

I'll make you both a deal: I'll get a house and everyone can come over and smoke cigars with us!