Riley Ember Caperton

Wow! This has been such a beautiful experience. I'm very proud to present her to everyone in this picture collection.

Riley Pictures on Flickr




Nate said...

WOW, My Niece is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! Jed looks like such a big boy! Wish I could have been there, but I'm on my way soon! Love Ya'll so much -Nate

Jaime said...

felicidades. it's good to see the caperton family grow... every blessing.

Virginia said...

how precious is she?!?! Riley and I have the same birthday..."welcome to the world, little Junebug!"

congratulations, Capertons!

shauna said...

ohmygoodness, so adorable!! CONGRATS!!!!!

Kent said...

Yeah, she's awesome... my niece first! I called dibbs! Anyway, can't wait to see her!

Liz Garrett said...

Wow! What a beautiful blessing. We are so excited for yall! Congratulations!! Hope yall are doing well!
Love Jeff and Liz