I've been out for a while, just really busy with life. Every time I consider taking a moment to blog, my brain freezes up and I just can't. Here's what's been happening lately.

Kristy and I have had a girl staying with us for almost two weeks now. She's quitting crack and on her way to rehab. It's actually a great story I'll have to tell another time.

Stuff with Vox is going OK, still figuring some things out as a community, but we have a lot of hope.

Dallas and Carrie had their baby, Deacon Jean Begnaud is their second child and second son. Shortly thereafter, Elias, their firtborn went into the hospital with asthma. They will all be home from the hospital at the end of this week. If you think of Dallas and Carrie, please pray for them. This is a tough time...

I cut my hair, so I look 22 again. It, along with my lawn, had become increasingly overgrown. Great metaphors for my life right now.

Kristy and I are both having some real great connections with people outside our church. Hanging out, going to dinner, etc. It's been great. I know God is working.

I'm starting to get up way earlier, like 6am, which might not be early for some, but it's where I'm at on my journey.