running on fumes

So, I'm going to start running again.

I ran from April through June of 2005 because Dallas told me to. He said that all of the stress of starting a church / moving / having a second child was going to need an outlet. And he was right, those times of running were points of sanity and clarity for me. I believe God used them to calm me down and center me.

I quit running after I began working a 55-hour work week with two jobs. Now that my hours are about to decrease [I'll drop to 32 hours a week April 1st with Big Brothers Big Sisters, but keep my Vox hours], I'm considering picking it up again.

Kristy took some pictures of me, the kids, and the dog recently, and one of the pictures was very telling. It was of me sitting there, petting the dog with a really mean look on my face. When Kristy and I reviewed the pictures about 2 minutes later, I stopped on that one and knew that this is the face that most people are seeing right now.

The stress is just starting to get to me, and those times of centering are proving themselves necessary...

Anyone got some good running tips?


Nate said...

I've been running ever since I moved into my apartment, but since January I have really picked it up...and I can now run over 4 miles...I can really see the bealth benefits as well as the clarification and freedom that comes with running...i am glad that you are going to pick it up recommendation...don't avoid the hills...and get a good pair of running shoes...light weight running shoes...and invest in a pair of massaging insoles, i love mine...they're amazing! Love you bro