missional living

As I have been thinking and re-thinking what it means to be on mission with God, I have begun experimenting...

I have used cuss words.
I have opened up my life and home to people who aren't believers.
I have entered into deep, theological/philosophical debate with people smarter than me.
I have listened to a guy talk about his religion and asked questions about it.
I have thrown off many old forms and old "missions" that used to be references.
I am working in a place with one other Christian believer.

In short, I have stepped out of the Christian ghetto to a place where Jesus-in-me can shine in darkness. I'm no longer surrounded by people who think like me or act like me.

In doing so, I've crossed some lines I never thought I would [cussing] and some lines I'd always hoped to [friendships with unbelievers]. So, now in the middle of my missional life, I have two observations about my journey.

#1 - Missional living is a delicate balance between living the gospel and building relationships. As recently as yesterday, I caught myself on the wrong side of that balance. I didn't speak up when I needed to, and it really surprised me.

#2 - The call, GOD's vox, presses me further in. There is so much more that I need to do / learn / hear / say / be in this process. Not too long ago, I thought I'd seen and done all I could have - that it would just be more of the same from here on out. Ironically, the new things I see on the horizon have to do with a renewal of vision and fire.

I don't know if this made sense, but I'm glad I got it out there.


JDL said...

Okay I'm a first time reader of your blog - I think...

Everything that you're doing to relate to unbelievers seems to make sense - I'm on a similar journey. My whole concept of sharing the "gospel" is changing to be a case of letting the Jesus in me touch others as opposed to pushing tracts or John 3:16 or the latest gimick. For me it's about loving people... The question I have is "how does the cussing relate to this." I'm not judging, just asking. For me it's a disconnect. I understand the folks in the world "cuss." But I want to be light. I don't ever make it an issue with those around me - but from a missional side, I don't get it. So I'd like any thoughts you could share on that.

Drew Caperton said...

I emailed jlt about his comments with a very very long email about what I believe about cussing. If you're interested in reading the email, just let me know.

EY said...

i'd like to see that email.