on Location in Houston

Taft Street Coffee, Houston, TX

I want all of you to know that Kristy has set up a blog with pictures of my son, Jed. I'm very proud of it (even though Kristy set the whole thing up). Check it out.

Well, the trip to Seattle was great! Stayed with Tyler Kenyon, who now has his own blog, and he was a great host along with his 100,000 roommates. There must have been seven 19-year-olds living in that house, and when you combine that with a very huge wide-screen hi-def TV, you've got one of the best bachelor pads in Seattle.

The Acts29 conference was terrific, and it gave Dallas and I a lot to think about. We're still chewing through a lot of it, but it's all good. God has been faithful to us to reassure us of the call he gave to us to start this church, all the while showing us that we had a long way to go personally.

Houston has been good, but I'm getting sick, and that is definitely NOT good. I'm currently blogging at Taft Street Coffee, and I'm meeting with one/some of the elders of Ecclesia soon. Plans kinda got blown up.

Next, and finally, we're heading to Lafayette. I'm very excited to be back in the LA, but I'm nervous about the meeting. God, are you reading this?