the new addition...

Kristy and I found out recently and thought lots of people would like to know, we're having a baby girl! We found out on Valentine's Day, so that made it even more special.

As some of you know, the last time Kristy and I tried to find out what gender our baby was, we got the shaft. This time it was done by an ultrasound technician instead of a doctor and since we told her to be conservative with her assessment, when she said, "95% sure it's a girl," we believed her.

So, while we're a little more comfortable saying it's a girl, we're still a little gun-shy.

I hope to have some video stills of the ultrasound soon.



Dallas said...

So, now that you know it's a girl are you sticking with Deuce?

What about Deuceriette, Deucanna, Deucie, or Deucetta?

shauna said...

I think "Shauna" is a pretty good name! :)