October's Top 7

Presenting the top Blog Idea posts from the month of October. Courtesy of Google Analytics:

7. Steve Horn and Sean Payton. Both run large South Louisiana organizations [FBC Lafayette and the Saints respectively], and both have the same exact face. Strange.

6. Sixed: Perry Sanders. An interview with a great preacher. The funniest part about this is where Dr. Sanders does the word association with "rap music" near the bottom. Classic.

5. Like, you know, it's Taylor Mali. Still funny, and I've watched it a few times. More videos by comedian Taylor Mali on YouTube.

4. Let's go to the Caperton's house! Don't know why this is #4.

3. My son is an artistic prodigy. When Jed is older and his tire sculpting is in the Museum of Modern Art, I can sell this post on eBay!

2. Alcohol: Should Believers Drink? I've refined this post a little- easier to understand and a little more culturally apt.

1. Triple X Church. A fun video to watch and a great work these guys are doing for freedom in Christ. Their work among the women coming out of porn is awe-inspiring.