Triple X Church

If you struggle with porn, this is the place to go. It sounds scary, but it's honestly one of the best ministries out there at truly helping people with porn addictions.

Quick Hits: [from their site]
+ Technically a ministry and not a church, but they are starting one.
+ Began in 2002 with Craig Gross.
+ Give away free anti-porn software called X3Watch.
+ They attend porn conventions and give people Bibles that say "Jesus loves porn stars."
+ They have many programs/companies to accomplish their goals: Porn Sunday and Difted are good examples.
+ They educate society at large about the dangers and exploitation of women involved in pornography. [see the video below]


Dr. A said...

Not to play down this site too much...but it makes me squeamish. It's one of those things for me where you hear how it means so much to so many people...but you just can't connect with it? Kind of like most of Michael W. Smith's music?

That's me and that website.

Maverick said...

Its probably not a good thing that accountability makes you sqeamish....

Cynthia said...

Please help

Unknown said...

I'm looking for help with a husband that has these issues and others. Is that possible on this site?

Drew Caperton said...

Yes, that's possible through this site, but this site is also partners with other organizations that help individuals addicted to pornography.