surgery... on my face

For those not in the know concerning my strange facial infection, this update is for you.

Here's the short history: I got my wisdom teeth pulled on November 10th, and everything went fine. I began to have some swelling on the left side of my face just underneath my jawline. Eventually I saw a specialist and he recommended out-patient surgery to remove whatever was infecting my face.

So, today the surgery results are so-so. They drained the infection, but didn't see anything that was causing it directly. They're sending some of the fluid collected [from my face!] to a lab to see what the big deal is. For right now, they're going to wait and see if the swelling comes back. I'll keep this blog posted [get it?] to let everybody know.

In the mean time, please pray for this infection to go away and my swelling to go down.

In other news, Kristy is now beginning to have tooth problems. Did I mention that we needed prayer?


Carrie said...

I thought about you was your first surgery? Any pain after pain meds wore off?