Switchfoot musical - first movement

I've determined that my life is a Switchfoot musical. It sounds completely insane, but every time a new Switchfoot album comes out, it's very reflective of things that I am going through at the time. These are the various movements of my life through their six albums...

New Way To Be Human
release date: March 23, 1999
when I discovered it:
Summer 1999

As I was a summer missionary in Deer Trail, CO, I picked up a random CD sampler disc called "Simply Excellent" that had "New Way To Be Human" as its first song, and the rest is history.

"under the floor, between me and the door, there's a presence I cannot deny... and I'm certain that He's near me, He listens even as I sing my song..." - Under The Floor

My life was consumed with major choices: graduating college, getting engaged, moving out, getting a promotion. I can vividly remember understanding that God was near me in a significant way, protecting me and guiding me with amazing clarity.

"sooner or later, you'll find out there's a hole in the wall, sooner or later, you'll find out that you'll dream to be that small... I gave it all away and I've lost who I am, I threw it all away with everything to gain and I'm taking a leap with dreams of shrinking..." - Sooner Or Later

I began actively rejecting other people's plans for my life, even the American Dream as I knew it. This song, along with Company Car became my anthems for this period of my life.

"it's my birthday tomorrow, no one here could know, I was born this Thursday, 22 years ago, and I feel stuck watching history repeating, yeah, who am I? just a kid who knows he's needy..." - Let That Be Enough

I also turned 22 in the Fall of 1999... on a Thursday no less. And at many points during that Fall and Winter, as I struggled to leave behind the ghosts of my past, I often felt stuck watching my mistakes on repeat.

"with all of our fashions, we're still incomplete, oh God of redemption, come break our routine... redemption begins with a new way to be human" - New Way To Be Human

Healing and redemption were major themes for me during this time. I had a major breakthrough in my walk with Jesus, and these lines rang with my victorious days.


Proud Mom of Teen said...

I love this post! You made my smile with recognition.

You mentioned your birthday. I don't know if you're aware of it, but Jon Foreman's birthday is October 22. I don't normally pay a lot of attention to celebrity birthdays, but he tends to write songs the day before, which is my Mom's birthday.

Drew Caperton said...

I didn't find that out until much later, but the connection was already made. Although it would have been awesome to have the same birthday as him, it was not meant to be.