Switchfoot musical - second movement

I've determined that my life is a Switchfoot musical. It sounds completely insane, but every time a new Switchfoot album comes out, it's very reflective of things that I am going through at the time. These are the various movements of my life through their six albums...

Learning To Breathe
release date: 09/26/2000
when I discovered it: October 2000

When I worked for East Bayou, this album was played underneath a slide-show that the youth put together as I was leaving. This was a time of great transition for me, both in life and in vocation.

"welcome to the fallout, welcome to resistance, the tension is here... between who we are and who we should be, between how it is and how it could be" - I Dare You To Move

I got married two months after this CD came out. And like any newlywed couple, we had our moments of tension between expectations and reality. And like any newlywed couple, making the first move toward reconciliation makes a good groove in a young marriage.

"in the economy of mercy, I am a poor and begging man, your currency of grace is where my soul begins... where was I when the world was made? I'm lost without you here... you know my name when the world was made" - Economy Of Mercy

As I was trying to understand my place in the world, this song helped to shape my worldview: God is first and foremost among anything I could ever conquer or deliver. For a guy who battled to stay humble, this was a good reminder. These words are ingrained in me to this day.

"is this fiction? is this fiction? Hope has given himself to the worst, is this fiction, or divine comedy, where the last of the last finish first?" - Living Is Simple

This album was a downer of sorts. There weren't that many songs on it that just grabbed me like the previous album, and it would be three years until they released another album. During this time, living was hard and I had a lot of growing up to do.

"oh, Erosion, would you wash away my sin? oh Erosion, I need a second start again, oh Erosion, would you break my heart again? oh Erosion, I am a broken-hearted man" - Erosion

Throughout my engagement and early part of my marriage, I struggled with pornography. There were many times where I was calling to Erosion to wear me down and break the calcified sin around me.


jnthn said...

Sometime ago I had some great conversations with someone about how art and life interact with each other. Although we never nailed anything down, we definitely agreed about the importance of art in one's life--something to connect with, something to come back to when you need it. It seems we all have that certain artist who does it for us, allowing for us to reanalyze things, reenergize the soul, or some type of renewal. The rhythm of our musical choices has a close and important relation to the rhythm of the soul.