Switchfoot musical - third movement

I've determined that my life is a Switchfoot musical. It sounds completely insane, but every time a new Switchfoot album comes out, it's very reflective of things that I am going through at the time. These are the various movements of my life through their six albums...

The Legend of Chin
release date: 06/17/1997
when I discovered it: early 2002

Even though this was their first album, I didn't dig into until later. Underwater was the very first song I'd ever heard by Switchfoot, but I didn't realize it was them until much later. My first impression of this song [and of Switchfoot] was that their lead singer sounded like Kermit the Frog. Funny.

"nothing but a chemical in my head, nothing but laziness, 'cause I don't wanna read the book, I'll watch the movie, 'cause it's not me, I'm just like everybody else my age" - Chem 6a

Fighting with laziness has been a recurring theme in my life. Before this time in my life, my laziness really didn't affect anyone but myself, and that worked just fine for me. This season served as a turning point for me when I became a lot less lazy, mainly because I had a lot more riding on my actions than before.

"I can see the stars from way down here, but I can't fall asleep behind the wheel... it's a long way from the shadows in my cave, up to Your reality to watch the sunlight taking over" - Home

I always pictured this part of the song, coming from a cave and being engulfed by the sunlight rising. During this time in my life, so many things changed: Jed was born, I switched jobs, Kristy and I considered buying a house in Fayetteville, I started blogging, and I was exposed to the emerging church for the first time. I had many moments where I was having trouble figuring out who I was in this new life that was growing in and around me.

"take away from me, this monstrosity, 'cause my futile thinking's not gonna solve nothing tonight ... ask me for what am I living, or what gives me strength that I'm willing to die for" - Life And Love And Why

I overthink many things, and that's usually followed by overtalking many things. This is a great reminder to me that Jesus is a person who loves me, and not a concept to be thought through and expounded upon. To me, "life and love and why" seems to sum up so much of what I think about. That's why I put it at the top of my blog.

"I pray to be found... grow, grow where you are, anchor your roots underneath, doubt your doubts, and believe your beliefs" - Ode To Chin

I don't know who Chin is, but it seems like Switchfoot lost a bet and had to name their debut album after him.. and include an ode to him in the song list. The simplicity and direct nature of the chorus always struck me as perfectly sound reasoning, and that was at a high premium during the winter of 2003 when my life turned upside down.