holiday trouble at wendy's

Well, the Capertons survived the 12-hour trip home from Arkansas, but just barely. We were going on the 10th hour of driving straight home and we stopped in Natchitoches [pronounced KNACK a dish], LA to eat. The line was long, but we'd been to this Wendy's many times before and figured they'd be fast like all the other times we've gone.

We were wrong. In fact, we couldn't have been more wrong. As Jed and Riley are squirming all around the restaurant, I finally make it up to the counter about 25 or 30 minutes after we got there. There were only about 7 or 8 people ahead of us. I understand times get a little busy and take a little longer, but everyone in line could see that these guys weren't even breaking a sweat.

So by the time I get up there, I'm mildly annoyed. After about two minutes of waiting at the counter with no one taking my order, I get a little more annoyed. I even tell two customers who walk in that it will take at least 10 minutes for them to order their food [they left immediately].

The last straw happened when one of the guys making food orders comes out from his work station to have a chit-chat conversation with a friend of his that just got in line. I watch the guy, and he sees me watching him with a very annoyed face. He then turns back to go to work and mumbles something. I thought he was talking to the cashier girl, but he motioned like he was talking to me.

"Excuse me, sir, were you talking to me?"
"[muttered] yeah..."
"What were you saying?"
"You don't gotta stare at my face, I'm not the one making sandwiches."
"Is there a problem?"
"you gotta problem with that?"

I thought about it, started ordering my food because we were starving, then stopped in the middle of my order. Knowing that there is now "a problem" between me and the people handling the food that my family and I are about to consume, I tell the cashier girl, "Nevermind, we'll go somewhere else." The people behind me who witnessed the whole thing followed suit and went somewhere else.

After we got outside, the people behind me in line asked for my name and number and said they were going to report the incident. They were locals and said that they'd never seen anything like that in their life.

Today, a full 24 hours after the incident, I gave the manager a call. He thanked me for calling and apologized profusely. He left me with a "that guy does not work here anymore," meaning that the guy will be fired today. I'm not sure if the manager was just saying that to placate me, or if he was really going to fire him, but I am sure that the guy deserves to be fired.


Sandy Mc said...

Drew said:"...but I am sure that the guy deserves to be fired."

Sorry my friend, but even if it's true would not this be a place to practice Grace as you spoke to the mgr who *apparently* had the situation under control? Perhaps a divine appointment opportunity was missed:(

jerry said...

perhaps grace is teaching this guy that if you want to keep your job you cant screw around....what about grace for all the other customers there.... what about grace for the employees who were working hard but couldnt keep up and looked bad because of all the others who were not working.....

Kristy said...

Sometimes grace is in order, and sometimes people need to know that there are consequences attached to their actions. (Do you discipline your children?!)

From Drew's Blog post, we have no idea whether or not he practiced grace as he spoke to the manager...I didn't read that he demanded the guy be fired...your comment was just a little presumptuous and judgemental...don't you think?

Sandy Mc said...

well, you are correct I was not there, however I read the whole post and had a major BTDT feeling because of course I have had similar situations arise and have to fight myself to choose the right response, not just the *simple* human response. And yes, I think people need to know there are consequences in life...BUT knew that was coming didn't you:)...I am a believe the best person to a fault, and I also know many people who are at the working the fast food game place in life are lost and hurting people (or at least confused.) Assuming the person in the situation with me is someone I have no history with (ie. we are at a different level in relationship building), I try to look at them as a future friend that God may have a plan for me to influence (yes, even the worker at an out of town fast food place)...I mean God had me there at that time and place, right? (Acts 17:26) I love you guys, and I certainly wish to encourage you not tear you down...but you must *watch out* for me because though I may not always type the words in a way that is as clear as I had hoped, I always post based on the urgings of the spirit. Speaking the Truth in Love... Sandy

Darken the Door said...

I have to say that this subject hits close to home. I am a customer service manager and I have had a lot of jobs that outline what customer service is. Taking care of the customer is number 1. Drew I am very proud of you for not giving them your money or your business. That way they would have gotten you. I think that the guy should have been fired. It's not an issue of grace but an issue of assault. An employee should never engage a customer in that manner. Sure he was wrong for not working and coming around the counter but he was more wrong for squaring off against you. I truly believe there are not necessarily bad employees but bad managers. This behavior has never been address and frowned upon. In my office there is a certain standard. If any of our "team members" engaged a customer in that manager they would not have a job. This has nothing to do with grace at all. What was Drew supposed to do plee for the guys job back. Life is hard and people have to learn lessons the hard way. What would happen next time? Would the employee physically assault a customer.

Drew, continue to vote with your dollar. Do not use or shop places that will not training their employees properly.

Sandy Mc said...

I can't disagree with anything Darken The Door says original post was really *supposed* to address the statement Drew made at the very end of his post ("but I am sure that the guy deserves to be fired") and the heart attitude that goes into making it. I wholeheartedly believe that even though you are right when you say this situation really has nothing to do with grace, and perhaps I was wrong to toss that term into the mix, I still say that it shows more grace and love by trying to help even the hard to help. As hard as it is, as a follower of Christ I feel the challenge and try my best (failing often) to love God and love others in even circumstances as this one. Call me a wierdo, call me insane, but I would love more people to join me...peace!