from nothing to something: part one

For a guy growing up without much of a dad, finding my way though adulthood has proved to be somewhat like going through a maze by hitting every wall. I gain life experience by making mistakes on my own and learning from them, and I find it hard to share this process openly with other people. So, this is an exercise in discomfort:

As I've wandered through the mire of deconstruction for a while- asking the questions that remove the "extra" from my faithwalk with Christ and from the Church. Now that lots of "extra" has been removed, it seems like there isn't much there anymore. Like I've taken something apart that cannot be taken apart anymore. I especially feel that with Vox Church.

We're coming to a place where we need to move toward something, and not just away from something. If all we do is take apart what was given to us, we'll soon run out of things to take apart. The direction we should head is reconstruction- the building of something in the place of what was once there. In our case, I believe this is a new kind of church.


Sandy Mc said...

Perhaps (and I am sure you have thought of this) God walked you through the deconstruction phase for a reason. Might it be so you will have a basis for your thinking process as you reconstruct that different (read:*better*)church.


Drew Caperton said...

Sorry about the pop-ups. I've tried to fix it, and I think it's working. Let me know.

Jessica said...

yup, looks like its working now.