I have a newsletter

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Just thought I'd shamelessly plug my own newsletter after a recent conversation with a tall, handsome family member:

Tall and Handsome: Could you put me on your newsletter email list?

Me: Sure, you feel like you're not caught up on what's going on down here?

T & H: Well, I was talking to [mutual friend] yesterday and we talked about you guys and the church. He rattled off all this information about what's going on and looked for a nod of agreement or a conversation, something to acknowledge I knew what he was talking about. Nothing. I just had no clue.

Me: OK, sorry about not talking to you ever, but I'm still your favorite brother-in-law named Drew, right?

T & H: Of course, and I'll give you $2,000 in monthly support for your church. Is that enough?

Me: Yeah, that's just great, newsletter coming up right away!

OK, so the conversation didn't go exactly like that, but it was very similar to that. At any rate, the moral of the conversation goes like this-

I have a newsletter and if you'd like to receive via email, then call me, email me, do whatever you need to to let me know. Muchas gracias. [that's Spanish for "thank you"]



Lafe said...

sorry man, didn't mean to get you in trouble with your brother in law...