missing Jed...

Dad and the Kiddos
My arm is perpetually sore from holding and/or picking up my children. My son, Jed [almost 21 months], and my daughter, Riley [3 months], are seriously the best things that have happened to me in a long time.

And for right now, Riley is still in blob phase, just sitting there without lots of communication [although she is smiling now], and Jed is loads of fun. When I come home, I get to throw him around, tickle him, and chase him around the house. The best part of it all is the laugh. I will not brag about my son in the superlative sense very often, but Jed's laugh is the best laugh there will ever be. And right now, I'm missing that laugh. I saw him this morning, and I'll see him tonight, but in between those times I miss Jed.

I'm actually missing one certain game we play where I lay on my back with my legs in the air at a 90 degree angle [like I'm sitting in a chair, but on my back]. I then lay Jed down on top of my raised legs to where the only thing I see are from his knees to his feet. With Jed's head at my feet and my hands holding just below his knees, I propel him forward and catch him by the chest as he's flying toward my head. I don't know if I explained it well, but it's the best game in the free world.

[right now, I'm eating a Limited Edition Inside Out Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, the one with peanut butter on the outside and chocky on the inside. I now know why this one didn't catch on. I'm suck a sucker for novelty.]