Da Big Baby Update Y'all

I thought I would be as "cajun" as possible with the title. Kristy and I just got back from the doctor and I wanted to let everyone know that we're scheduled to induce labor on Tuesday, June 28th! We're both really excited, except I'm still in freaking-out mode. I don't know what it is with me, I just get real aprehensive when it comes to big, life-changing moments.

Anyway, feel free to tell people you know because there's no way we can update everyone with all that's going on. You faithful readers of The Blog Idea are the lucky ones who got to find out first (after our families)... let the world stew in envy. And concerning the name, if you haven't found out already, we've told everyone we know... except YOU! That's right, if you're reading this, it automatically eliminates you from the pool of people who already know our new baby's name.

I'm just kidding.

Also a tiny jobbing update: I've been waiting to apply online at Cingular at a particular store (it's the only way they accept applications) and this morning, I got to apply. I have an employee referral working for me, but that's not exactly good as gold, so we'll wait and see and pray.

All this, and this optimist is still hoping for a house for our new baby girl to move into.


Margo said...

Yea! Kristy and I would be "Cingular Wives" together! We're praying for you! I doubt a reference from ol' Rogers, Arkansas would do you a lot of good, but let us know if you need anything! Miss you guys SO MUCH!

Sandy McCann said...

Hey that's so cool!! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!! Miss Eleanor's turning 2 next Thursday (30th) and she welcomes your new babe to the Junebug club!