To Boston and Back - Day Two Morning

With a niece being born and a brother-in-law getting married, the Caperton family is going to be hitting the road and the air for 13 days.

I really didn't get a proper good-bye with Kristy or the kids. We were so dead walking in, unloading, and preparing to leave super-early tomorrow that I didn't even think "I won't see them for seven days and I won't get to tell them good-bye." Kristy's mom, Denise brought me to the airport this morning. What a blessing that was. I was dead when she woke me up, but I slept in my clothes, so all I had to do was grab breakfast and roll. Could not imagine driving after so little sleep and so much driving the day before.

I'm sitting in the Northwest Arkansas airport waiting for a long day of flying to begin. Check-in goes smooth and I have about 45 minutes until I actually get on the plane so I ask someone if the airport is wireless and they are. Score. All is well until I try to check my email and I get a page that asks me to pay $7.99 for an all-day pass. Seriously? I immediately begin to think that this is a small-town phenomenon and that Chicago, Philly, or Boston will not have such money-grabbing complications... the metropolitan people would not stand for it. We'll see.


Stu said...

You know, the last time I was in Houston (this May), they only had T-Mobile WiFi spots that cost $7ish per hour. Crap if you ask me.