To Boston and Back - Day One

With a niece being born and a brother-in-law getting married, the Caperton family is going to be hitting the road and the air for 13 days.

The first leg is complete: a 12-hour drive in the Odyssey with the whole family. Kristy and I have a plan for times like this: I drive with the goal of getting there as fast as we can and she concentrates on taking care of the kids' needs. There's definitely overlap on each side, but that's pretty much how it goes. She does an incredible job of getting everything laid out for them: snacks, movies, pillows, etc. all ready to go when we need them. She does a great job at this.

Kristy and I did a lot of praying on this trip. It's just so easy to lose your cool in a confined space where kids screams seem like they're going to cause your ears to spontaneously combust. We knew we needed God to keep things calm.

Time for bed, more traveling later.