To Boston and Back - Day Two Afternoon

With a niece being born and a brother-in-law getting married, the Caperton family is going to be hitting the road and the air for 13 days.

Well, I was wrong. I didn't get to check the wifi at O'Hare in Chicago, but the Philadephia airport has the same pay-as-you-go system. Why are airports so over-priced? This is so sad...

By 9pm today I will have traveled during 26 of the last 35 hours, all the way from Lafayette, LA, to Cape Cod, MA. Crazy, just crazy. I don't think I've ever traveled this much in one day. On top of all that traveling, it might not stop. If Kent and Jessica have their baby tonight, I'm driving from Cape Cod to Boston, MA, another hour on top of the craziness.

OK, enough whining, I've got food to eat and a flight to catch. By the way, the Philadelphia Airport [PHL] absolutely stinks. I think Lafayette Municipal Airport [LFT] looks much more inviting and professional. No wonder people are moving away from Philadelphia.

update: Kent and Jessica have had their baby... more coming soon.