So, I'm Quitting [finally]

The short version: I'm leaving Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana in exactly 21 days and will begin working full-time as a servant to Vox Church! Woo hoo!

The long version: About five weeks ago, God began sounding the alarm inside my soul that it might be time to quit. I'd had these feelings come up before and my first instainct was to ignore it.
Later that week, I'm still thinking about it and decide to talk about it with Kristy. While explaining to her what was going on inside of me [Kristy is a patient and gracious woman], it became evidently clear that I needed to treat this like something God might actually be calling me to do.
That weekend, during a time of prayerful meditation and pouring my heart out to God over this, I got the green light. I knew it as fact, God was calling me to do this. So, I put in my three weeks' notice yesterday and am working until November. More is happening with this, but details are still making their way to fullness.

I'm very excited about this change and the new season that's quickly approaching for our church. Please pray with me for Kingdom-building and Jesus-restoration to happen in Vox and through Vox for many decades to come.


Liz said...

Congrats Drew!!!! what a blessing!

Rebecca said...

Hey Drew, this is Rebecca Rich (Bob and Norma Koenig's daughter). I just wanted to say that I think it's AMAZING that you are planting a church in Lafayette. It makes me really excited whenever I think or hear about it.

My husband and I are working toward a church plant as well, here in College Station, Texas. He's actually getting back from a church planting conference today put on my Antioch church in Waco. Have you heard of it? It's supposed to be a great conference.

We're going to be in town for a week in December, so we should get together to talk about church planting!