One History of the Emerging Church

Thanks to the Tall Skinny Kiwi [Andrew Jones] for putting this together. This first installmentgoes all the way through the 80's.

Even if you're not into the Emerging Church per se, it's still a great read and full of adventure. I hope to be telling stories like these one day.

TSK's My History of the Emerging Church. Part One


"In 1985 I sold my car and bought a one way ticket to Europe..."

"Some of the electricians were interested in learning about God so once a week, after work, we gathered and studied the Bible. They all cracked open a can of beer and the event got stuck with the unfortunate name of 'Beer and Bible'."

"...when i was overseas on a trip, the elders decided to pull the plug on the 'contemporary service'. That was the last time I tried to start a 'church within a church' structure."