Dog Needing Love and Attention

As many of you know, we got our dog, Aspen, in early February of this year. She's been great and loving and fun to play with, but we're hitting a crisis point with her. She's needing a lot more attention, and we just don't have the time to give to her.

So, if you know of anyone who needs a dog, please let them know about Aspen. Here's her specs:
Half yellow lab, half golden retriever
This breed of dog is great with kids
3 months old [born January 22nd, 2006]
Comes with her dog house, and even some food if you want it.

[picture coming soon]

Can you help find a home for Aspen?



Jessica said...

We tried to get our landlord to let us have her but no dice. We'll keep looking for someone for her though.