Sixed: Sean Walker

Sean Walker serves as the Media Director at East Bayou Baptist Church and is a graduate of UL in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication. Currently, Sean is recovering from a Halo 2 addiction and has been sober for almost 2 months at the time of this interview.

#1- How did you get your start in ministry? [If you didn't start locally, please include how you got to Acadiana.]
My first time in [paid] ministry was when I was a freshman in college at East Bayou. Our youth pastor of like 12 years had left and a volunteer adult was the interim pastor and they hired 5 or 6 college students to help out during the transition time while we searched for a full time youth pastor. I don't remember much from it though. It was over 5 years ago.

#2- What is the hardest thing about leading a church / ministry?
I've got two. 1, having to make decisions that affect a group or a person that they won't like, but I know I have to make. i.e. telling a volunteer they aren't going to serve in that role/ministry anymore. 2, leaving a ministry that you don't want to leave, but that God has told you to leave.

#3- What do you do to relax?
Rent movies. Play golf. Get out of town.

#4- How do you think the Church in Acadiana will have changed in 25 years?
I don't know. I really have no idea what to forecast. I have put over an hour in to thinking about it. I honestly don't know and don't want to just throw out a lame forecast just to do it.

#5- What advice would you give the next generation of church / ministry leaders in Lafayette?
Here's what I would tell them, and this is HUGE! Learn to separate theology and methodology. [Download 'Methodology vs. Theology' message here] I don't care what denomination you are, how long you've been in ministry, or whether or not you like Andy Stanley. If you are in, or are going to be involved in ministry go download this message on leadership and listen to it. It's HUGE! Methodology and theology are 2 totally different things and as soon as you can separate them, the sooner you can impact people in a more powerful way for Christ. After you listen to it pass it on.

#6- In your walk with Jesus Christ, what has He been teaching you lately? [Please include prayer requests if you'd like]
Process. Go read it on my blog b/c it's too much to type. Entitled, "Put Me In Coach"


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