Hurry Up and Decide

"The percentage of mistakes in quick decisions is no greater than in long-drawn-out vacillation, and the effect of decisiveness itself ‘makes things go’ and creates confidence." - Anne O’Hare McCormick [1882-1954]. First woman to win a Pulitzer prize for journalism

When I came across this quote, I scratched my head a little. I'm still chewing on it [even though it says I should be more decisive about what I think], and I wonder if this is in line with God's Kingdom. I'm not asking rhetorically, I am really considering it.

In my time as elder at Vox Church, Dallas and I have made some decisions quickly, and some slowly. I wonder what would have happened if we made more decisions quicker. It's good food for thought anyway.

whole article here - [ht: World Changers]