Our First Sunday at Cite' Des Art

The Vox Email Newsletter is coming out soon, but I had to blog about that first Sunday at Cite' Des Art. In some ways it felt exactly like our first service ever, which I didn't expect. Here's the details:

Nervous. I was extremely nervous about our first time in this building and I'm still trying to understand it. It's not like we've never had a gathering before. Still, I was hoping that eerything would go well for our first Sunday in a new space.

New worship format. We were also trying something new with our singing / worship time. I'll go into detail about it in another post, but the short of it is that we wanted to give people time to pray out loud, share a song or poem, talk about what God's been doing, etc in and around the songs we sang. It went extremely well.

Children's area. Our biggest issue in this space is where to put the kids after they are dismissed to "children's church." We ended up using canvas, rope, and many other McGyver-type ultilities and "building" our own children's area. It was a hit and I'm very grateful to Rebecca, Matt, and Kristy for their collective engineering and faithfulness to seeing this thing through.

Bottom-line: It's a great space. There is a lot of room for growth, but also room for us to be the size we are now. The owners of the building are extremely laize-faire and don't care/mind if we alter a few things about the building so it suits our needs. We have indeed received the answer to what so many prayer were asking for: the pefect space for our church to have a home.

So, we met, we talked, we sang songs, we prayed, we took communion, we taught each other... we worshipped together. As Dallas read his benediction poem to wind things up, we knew we had something good on our hands, and you could see it on our faces. Everyone was proud of how far we'd come, and was excited about what the future would bring.


Drew Caperton said...

And here is Dallas's benediction. Can you believe he writes these almost every week? Amazing.