nightmares and visions

Even when I do have nightmares [five or six times a year], I hardly remember them. The night before our first Sunday in Cite' Des Arts, I had a very strange nightmare that's still in my head 3 days later.

As I laid down, I felt very heavy. I didn't feel like I ate too much, but like every part of me was weighty, even my hands and feet. I was very restless, couldn't even get to sleep for about 45 minutes. As I was drifting in and out of consciousness, I began to feel like something was pushing me down into the bed. When I tried to pray out loud, I couldn't because all the air was out of my chest.

I'm sure this sounds almost violent, but it was all very subtle and slow. I wasn't thrown around or anything, I just lost my ability to breathe for about 5 or 6 seconds. After I could breathe, I prayed, looked around my bedroom to see what I could see, and went back to sleep. Strange night that I'm not sure was an attack or not.

Something that occurs even less than nightmares are visions. I just don't get visions, hardly ever. I believe my grand total is 3, and I'm not really sure about one of those. This is the third time it's happened.

John, Jerry, Dallas, and I were praying about 9 or 10 days ago during our Sunday morning prayer time. Normally, during an hour of prayer, I will catch my mind wandering through all sorts of thoughts. My first reaction is usually to reign it in and ask to be centered and focused on Christ. But this time, I distinctly felt God telling me to let this one ride, to keep thinking on this one.

Here's what I saw. I was at Trinity Bible Church conducting a workshop or sorts. I was teaching other pastors about organic church-planting and how to reach a post-modern world. My mind quickly raced to what exactly I'd be teaching on and it started with Lesslie Newbigin's triangle of gospel, church, and culture. I'm not even that familiar enough with the triangle to teach it, so I guess I better get started.

But still, teaching at Trinity for a church-planters conference? I need some Daniel-type people out there to interpret this thing for me. If you have questions with the intentions to interpret, please email me.


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