Confidence for the journey

One of the most difficult things about pastoring for me is seeing change/growth in others. Some weeks it's great and I can see the difference I am [God is] making in others, but most times, it requires the patience of a farmer: sow, wait a season, harvest, wait another season, repeat. And in the beginning of anything new, like a church plant, it ends up being a lot of sowing and a small amount of reaping.

A place I'm seeing growth lately is in my own wife. And knowing that I can influence and lead my wife toward spiritual growth and renewal helps me see how I may do the same with others. The Bible makes the same analogy along different lines when it says, "for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God's church?" [1 Timothy 3:5]

Kristy's growth also gives me increased confidence in my abilities as a church planter because of the freshness and growth I see in her. I'm not trying to hi-jack the credit for her growth, but I know that her growth is greatly affected by my leadership.

That's the "fun" of being my wife. If I have an idea, she hears about it first. If I have a new idea for spiritual formation, I see if I can observe it in her life, etc. I know it drives her crazy sometimes...


Sandy Mc said...

Hey Drew!

Don't forget that God gave you Kristy to help YOU grow by her special gifts too. Just to confirm, I believe in male headship, but in marriage (based on the woman of Prov.31) the model of "helpmeet" can clearly affirm her husband by leading.

Drew Caperton said...

Agreed, I think the roles of husbands and wives might be another post.