resonating with a duck

As Trenton and I were hanging out at Girard Park, he began to pester the ducks that were swimming nearby. His mischievous eye caught a duck sitting among the reeds and went to go shoo it out.

As we walk up to it, I notice it's a mother duck warming her eggs. As Trenton moved closer with intent to bother, the duck rared back and actually hissed at Trenton. It was the strangest sight I've seen involving a duck. It looked like it was imitating a cat hissing at someone. Its grey tongue stuck straight out as its beak opened for the hiss.

Sensing some danger, I warned Trenton off and the mother duck was left relatively unbothered.
As Vox leadership met a couple of nights ago, I felt like a mother duck during some points. As these people drew closer to my baby, this church that I've been a part of conceiving and birthing, I [mostly] held back my multiple urges to hiss, "Back off! You don't understand, this church is mine!"

But that's all pride, paternal pride, but pride nonetheless. Vox Church is God's and His alone. I had a part in conceiving and birthing, and it's my prayer that I will have a part in it's growth for many years to come.

As I now have the privilege of leading and serving this church, I need to reserve my hisses for those thieves who come to steal, kill, and destroy. As an elder, I am called to fiercely defend this church against the enemy. But if I try and pretend like it's all mine, I become the enemy. Oh, the irony.

God, all that's in my head is in Your hands. Grow Your church how You see fit, and allow me to lead it in a way that honors You.


Dr. A said...

That was profound...duckman