jazz over pop

Many thoughts swimming around my head today.

Still thinking on Red Sox Christianity, but there's a little more out there and I'm just getting too tired to reach out and go for it.

Most of it has to do with the flexibility of our church's structure. And good post from AJ Schwanz's blog has given me a metaphor to go with, which is always helpful to me. Here's a little bit of it:

"[In] talking about Reggie McNeal's Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church. One of the tough questions deals with planning versus preparing. Society and situations are changing so rapidly that by the time people react with a plan, it’s already too late. However, if the members of the church body train to be prepared, they can react more quickly, naturally, organically.

But... what are we to do? God spoke through one of my friends. He, being a musician, said it sounds a lot like comparing pop music and jazz:

Expecting vs Grooving - Pop music is very regimented, very planned out - the performer knows what’s coming up and what to expect (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, breakdown, tec.). Jazz is very go-with-the-flow with each performance being unique unto itself - the performer knows the basic elements/structure of the song but doesn’t know specifically what special distinctives it will take."

read the rest of the article here: Emerging Like Jazz


My wife is blogging again, look out world!

The complete list of Acadiana churches, their denominations, and their weekend attendance is coming out soon. I'm about half done and I'm trying to get it out quickly... more to come.


Israel said...

Hi, We're connecting through a wonderful network of bloggers! Nice to read about your comment on AJ's blog. I thought I would mention that I just put together a short list of the things that most impressed me about George Fox (founder of the Quakers) in a quick reading I did about him on Wikipedia. You can read more here:

And George Fox's teachings seem so similar to those of a more modern 20th century convert to Christianity-- Sadhu Sindar Singh. Take a look at the similarities of his teachings to those of George Fox on my blog under Christian Universalism here: http://tortilini.blogspot.com/2005_09_11_tortilini_archive.html

Aj Schwanz said...

Thanks for the kind comments! I loved looking at your church's site: sounds like you guys are having a great time moving in the Spirit! I look forward to hearing more of where your journey takes you. Blessings to you (and your family - so adorable!) in the upcoming week!

Sandy Mc said...
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Sandy Mc said...

Present Future is the WAY BEST book if you are willing to really "fall from the tree" of traditional thought! Read it and dare to live missionally! Yea...let's "Jazz"


ps. this is what I meant to say in the deleted post...should have previewed, lol