props to Kent... and it's cole-ah-side

[currently listening to the John Mayer/Nickel Creek version of "Neon," surprisingly good]

I was just remembering the time my elder brother, Kent, and I were watching TV. I think it was a car commercial or something when, at the end of the commercial, their web address was displayed. This might not sound groundbreaking, but at the time NO ONE was doing that. I know, Kent and I watched a lot of TV growing up, and that was the first either or us had seen that. Kent immediately pipes up with, "I bet in the future, every company is going to be doing that," meaning every company would display their web address.

While it's not exactly inventing the internet, it does makes Kent a compelling prognosticator [or marketing genius] in the very least. In the ultimate version of I called that one, Kent owns the story that blows the other claims out of the water. So, here's to you Mr. I-called-companies-overusing-the-internet-on-their-commercials...

Today marks the very first cold day we've had since the summer. That's right, October 24th is the first we see of "cold," in South Louisiana. By the way, "cold" is defined as anything lower than 55 degrees, so with this morning starting in the lower 50's, it's cole-ah-side... [say it fast, and you're pronouncing how Cajuns say, "it's cold outside"]


Kent said...

yeah, i called it! :)