I cry black and gold tears

Watching the Saints game this past weekend made me want to vomit, bag up the vomit, and send it to every official that screwed up the call late in the game to end it for the Saints. Granted, they gave this one away in the first place with 21 fourth quarter points given up, but the refs are the ones that buried any chance they had to come back. I openly wonder if they will ever get to the Super Bowl. As Dallas and I were discussing it today, he opened with, "You know they're probably going to be in San Antonio next year, right?" And even though I do know that, I would still be happy for them. If they've got to go anywhere, San Antonio would be a great home for them, even though it is in that state to the west of us...

The best band everyone's heard of and forgotten about already: Nickel Creek. Man, their sound is so hard to classify. Not bluegrass, country, or folk... just somewhere in between with really good writing and harmonies.



Dr. A said...

Hmmm...That "incbizz" guy sounds REALLY cool. I don't know about you, but I just love making new friends via blogs, if nothing else b/c of the amazing financial windfall that can occur without leaving the comfort of my own home!!! Wow. I wish incbizz was my new friend. You are lucky Drew!

Dr. A said...

Okay...the real reason I came into comment was 3 fold:
1. Thanks for the phone call the other day. I know, I SUCK for not calling back yet. Sorry. But you are right, my life is in a state of White Sox Euphoria right now. I actually injured myself jumping around and landing on a computer chair after the Grand Slam. Bruised foot...but worth it.
2. Your vomit quote was incredibly creative. I'm not grossed out by much, but that is impressive!!!