Jesus Saviour Pilot Me

This is the song I'm currently humming uncontrollably. It's the kind of song that just dances in your mind, soothing rhythms and graces flowing over words of desperation. RSB does a great job expressing the vulnerable nature of our relationship with Jesus. We come naked, poor, blind, wretched, dead. No good in us, no value in our attempts for righteousness, nothing for God to gain by taking us in, but He does it. Guiding, loving, clothing, sheltering, teaching, holding, kissing, maturing, redeeming. He does it all without our expressed consent and without any collateral that we could ever muster.

Jesus, my saviour, pilot me, show me the depths of Your grace, Your redemption, and ultimately Your call.

As I struggle to let go of where I've been and the good and bad alike, take me forward into knowing You in sacrifice, servanthood, and being "the least, and servant to all."