#101 with a bullet

This is my 101st post on this blog, interesting how fast that happened. Never thought I would blog this much.

The ceiling is now officially pulled down off of the addition in our home. The carpet is also torn up, the tiles underneath are picked up, the trash is on the street, and the leftover lumber needs to be chopped up. I've been a busy little bee lately...

All this has taken a little toll on me. I'm getting little sleep, little family time, and almost no time with the Kristopher. The past two days have been very hard for me to wake up into, even after 2pm when I've been at work for 6 hours. I began resorting to coffee for lifeblood, but I really don't want to live that way.

In the midst of half-asleep-too-tired-to-talk, God is calling me. I hear the gentle whispers to slow down. I hear the small voice telling me to get rid of my addictions, no matter how inconsequential they seem. It's different than "buckle down," but the call is coming to discipline me. I'm fighting it... hard, but I'm seem to be losing energy by the second.

You know it's time to take a break when you can't even read really great articles all the way through without losing the will to keep your eyes open. Yep, I'm past coffee, I'm ready for a 24-hour coma.

Hi, I let puppies sleep on my eyes.