Feeling funky 'bout Vox this afternoon. I usually stay away from blogging about how I feel about Vox, but I was inspired to write about it, so here goes.

We're in a strange place as a community. We're four months in and a lot has changed since that first night in June. We were a "Bible study" and now we're a "church." Doesn't sound like a tremendous shift, but as Kristy pointed out last night, it's a little more of a commitment to come. And she's right, we have lost some people since we made that distinction. She also pointed out that the poeple that are there have bought in to what we're doing and want to see it succeed. That's was very comforting.

But something does seem a little off. Can't put my finger on it, and I'm sure having eight people there Sunday [eleven if you count kiddos] only exaggerated the concerns in my head. That's the problem with a really small church, when two or three regulars don't make it that morning, you really feel it.

That's something else that's changed, we've moved from Wednesday night [a very "Bible study" time to gather] to Sunday morning [a very "church" time to gather]. With that, asking for a little more commitment, and some key people about to move away all happening at the same time, we're getting a little thinned. I'm torn a little between hope and despair. Hopeful that we're getting a great foundation of people, despairing that we'll fizzle out.

Jobs are also a major concern for me and Dallas. We're both working full-time and that makes it much harder to really build into people, especially with little ones at home [and for Dallas another on the way]. Beyond that, Dallas and I moved back to town relatively recently. We've both been gone for at least 4.5 years [for Dallas it was longer] and it takes time to build new relationships with people. To some extent, we're asking people to come in faith that we'll come together as a family, because we're just getting to know one another right now.

Yeah, lots going on with the V-O-X, keep praying for us, asking in faith that we'll continue in the work given to us and that God will reward that in His mercy.


shauna said...

i checked out the VOX church's website. i was comforted by the "about us" section, about how God is not mute.
i think i've treated God lately as though He is mute . . . or if He DOES have something to say, i'm too scared to hear it. . .hmm. .

anyways, FYI - under your info, you still have Riley named as "Baby Girl".