I see vampires

Lafe posted about idiosyncracies that people have [including an encore], and today I felt like confessing one of mine. It's very strange, but it probably goes back to all those horror movies I watched as a child. I sometimes imagine that the people I see are turning into vampires as soon as I pass them and have my back to them. Occasionally when that happens, I'm tempted to turn around and check to see if it's happened, but I usually don't.

I realize this is extremely strange and that some might think I need real mental help, but I know it's not real, it's just something that flashes through my mind every once in a while. I can't believe I'm posting this.


Jessica said...

When I close my eyes at night to go to sleep I usually see fat, segmented, white worms burrowing through the dirt. I don't know why...that's just the first image that pops into my head.

Kent said...

I'm sorry, I'm sure some of that is my fault. The rest is Dad's :) Anyway, it's not that strange.