for ten years or more...

Blindside [discography] is a Christian that happened upon about eight years ago, right after I met Kristy. She let me listen to their song, "Nerve" and I loved it. After listening to more of the CD, which was their first, I rated the band as mediocre and thought nothing more of them.

Fast-forward to last weekend when we were in Alexandria. Where we stayed only had fuzzy local channels and Sky Angel Satellite. So, as Kris and I are getting caught up on what's new with the semi-underground Christian music scene, we see a documentary advertised for Blindside's first DVD: Ten Years Running Blind. It turns out the band I dismissed as mediocre hung around long enough to make it.

Last night, I'm having a conversation with Jason Cohen and he refers to some scripture in 1 Kings where a man is charged to strike the ground with an arrow. In the end, he doesn't strike it enough times and doesn't get total victory because of it. Jason said that when times are very rough and don't seem like they're coming together, he remembers those verses and is encouraged to press on.

All of this is hitting me at a crossroads with Vox Church. It's as though we're at an inhale point where we stop for a second to survey what's around us, not with the intention of camping there, just resting for a bit. We have many options to take from here and our choices will determine where we end up five, ten, fifty years from now. And not just our options, but how we make choose them... who we invite with us, these are the things that are also extremely determinate on who we are and who we're becoming.

In all this, I take the comfort God gave me through Blindside and through Jason. We need to keep on doing what we do- keeping growing the family, keep shepherding, teaching, correcting, encouraging. When we stop praying for God's Kingdom to come down, we will die, until then we're running blind. Eventually, as we keep "striking the ground," we will see fruit and it will be sweet. Please say a prayer for Vox Church today as you read, pray for who we're becoming, and for us to walk in obedience.


Brandon said...

10 years ago, bentonville had 2 stop lights...

...I got nothing :(