Here are the top keywords that lead people to this blog.

biblenumbers (MSN)
superstions black cats (MSN)
drew caperton (Google)
TBI Blog (Yahoo)
getting a house appraised (Yahoo)
music rating (MSN)
drive thru daquiri (MSN)
big fluffy coffee chairs (MSN)
pastoring house church (MSN)
lafe and benson and blog (Yahoo)
triple six (MSN)
Ecclesia Church, on taft street (Yahoo)
Sudanese Church Atlanta (MSN)

All of them seem very normal [except for the Sudanese Church] until you realize "superstions" is a misspelled version of superstitions. I wonder if I spelled this wrong on my blog...



Nelson said...

You have a strange (and perhaps unhealthy) obsession with the blog stats, my friend.


Drew Caperton said...

No obsession here my friend, because with this thing called a computer and the internet, I think about it and approximately 15-20 seconds later, the information is at my fingertips. If anything I have an unhealthy obsession with commenting on my own blog.