people's #1 fear

I've often heard that the #2 most common fear among adults is death, with #1 being the fear of speaking in public. The punchline is that people really would rather die than speak in public, and as a teacher in our community, it sometimes escapes me how easy it would be to totally mess something up and never live it down.

This man confirms those fears to some degree, and serves as a reminder to never mistakingly switch the "n" in "pitching tents." Hilarious, absolutely frightening, but hilarious. Got this one from Lafe, good find, man.

NOTE: I couldn't view this with Firefox, but was relegated to IE. I felt a little less underground.


Margo said...

That's so funny that you put this on your blog! I just got it last week at work and was planning on sending it to you! That poor guy! I wonder if he knows we're all laughing at him...