I have an urgent request of anyone reading this:

Kristy and I have been praying for a while for a job that would help us get a house, provide enough money for my family to live on, and give me enough free time to work with Vox. I've blogged about this before, but I wanted everyone to know and to pray for a job interview I have tomorrow (Friday, May 6th) at 3:00pm with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana. Its requirements fit my personality and disposition well and we're both really excited about it.

So, even though today is the National Day of Prayer, could you please extend your prayer time to tomorrow (maybe even fast if you choose). The interview begins at 3pm and I don't know when it ends, but I will be sure to blog about it tomorrow as soon as I know something.

Please pray for me in this. It would mean so much for my family, me, and our efforts here in Lafayette.


Nelson said...

Consider yourself (and fam) smothered in prayer.

Brandon said...

So how did it go? Please let us know!!

Chuck White said...

Hey Drew. I just read your post and it's the 9th. Sorry I wasn't able to pray for you in advance, but our God knows all things without reference to time. I'm praying right now that our God will supply all you and your family's needs according to His riches. Let us know how the interview went.