Lately, there have been a few numbers popping up in my life:

This is how many pounds (a ton) of people that I've seen that have said they're interested in helping us get Vox Church off the ground. People that I haven't even talked to have been spreading the word. It's really great to see the buzz grow.

This is how long it takes me to run 2.5 miles (I run this four times). Sad, I know, but that's where I am right now. Couple that with the fact that I've never in my life run two miles without stopping before I came to Lafayette, and this number seems pretty alright. Running this without stopping gives me hope for the future. I know that sounds lame, but if God can help me do this, it gives me confidence for other things I don't believe I can do.

This is how many people will be in my family as of (hopefully) July 3rd. The due date seems so far away, but considering it's two short months away, I'm beginning to feel the pressure for job/house/church all the more.

This is the number of days I've worked at Gap Kids. Yes, today was my first day and it was OK. The morning really flew by and I learned all about how to work their cash register and how to talk to customers. Not that riveting, but it puts money in the pocket until I find something more substantial.

This is also the number of jobs I'm currently applying for. I'm hoping to get a full-time job at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana. This job would be something that would allow me to build contacts within Lafayette and give us enough money so that I don't have to work two jobs AND try and start a church. I'm hoping to get a call back this week for an interview.

This is also the number of websites our would-be church has up. Vox Church's website isn't all that glamourous, but it's a great little info piece for right now.

This is probably the most disappointing number. It represents the number of church we've started. I was told these things take time to start, but man, I'm getting anxious.

Funny how numbers could represent so much of my life. From work to family to person, these numbers are the breadcrumbs that lead to my existence. And even though they're cold, they're just like letters of the alphabet, just icons of meaning.

Lately, it feels like the numbers have been crunching me, but I know that God will do His will here through me, it's why we all moved here. It's why the desire has been burning in my heart. When you remember me and my family, remember that we need a job, remember those who will join us in starting Vox, but most of all remember to ask God speak to me and my family as His children. Nothing can happen until He speaks...

God, all that's in my head is in Your hands.


shauna said...

great posts. loved the one about Jed and fatherhood, hit home with me on some things.

LaFayette: sounds like a buttload of stuff is going on right now. take care, and enjoy the adventure!