jobbing part deux

Just letting everyone know that I interviewed and it went extremely well. We laughed, talked shop, got to know each other, and it all felt really great. Everything about the job sounds great and hopefully God will see fit to give this job to me.

I'll know more when I get a call back either at the end of this week or at the beginning of next week.

Thank you all for your prayers in this. We're all hoping for God to give me this job, and it's incredible to know there are people in our corner supporting us. I'll keep this blog posted on recent job happenings.

At Gap Kids, everything is going well. I'm getting about 12 hours/week there, but am enjoying getting to know the people there more than anything else. God is really opening up relationships with my coworkers so that He can plant the gospel into their hearts. It's a joy to be on this adventure and I would appreciate prayer on that front also.

I think one day a couple of years from now I'll realize that this is a great time in my small life. It feels a little shaky now, but God is going to bring about something great with this. Good night.