delays and bands

JOB UPDATE: I have heard back from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana and they are way behind on hiring someone. They're still interviewing some people for next week. So, it might be until Wednesday or Thursday of next week until I find out. Delays. I hate them. I don't mind waiting, but waiting after I've already waited just grates on me. I know this is a place for me to go to God with what's in my head, and I can see Him in all this. I know He's next to me in all my waiting and anxiety, and that is what makes it bearable.


Last night, I went to meet a guy who had an interest in our church. He's a friend of Beau Nunez and they were working the front door of this four-band concert last night. Man, did I feel old, but not in a bad way (I'm getting to that).

I walk into the concert hall and there's a band there called Last Tuesday and it was a phenominal show. They're a Christian band and they've been together on the road for two years now. I talked with them afterward and it was so good just to encourage them in what they're doing. I felt a little like a kindred spirit with them because we're both just putting it out there and waiting for God to move. Also, as I contemplated my oldness, I realized that I didn't feel out of place, I actually felt an overwhelming desire for these kids to make it. I wanted to see them grow in their walk with God and be successful in ministry. In that, my age disappeared into a genuine longing to encourage them and help them through the rough spots.

It gave me hope and joy. I hope this is a hint of things to come...