I've given this a lot of thought over a generous period of time, and here it is:

I don't ever want an iPod.

I just don't. Not trying to hate on what's hot (in fact, I saw Star Wars and drove an hour to do it), but having an iPod just doesn't appeal to me at all. I don't need/want that much control over what I listen to. It's OK to a point, but always being in control over what you're listening to doesn't seem that great. I think I like life a little random (and I don't mean iPod shuffle random) and filled with things I didn't expect. Also, life isn't all about me and what I want to listen to- many times I am subject to what other people want, and I'm called to be OK with that. Don't read anger or disgust in this, I don't think I'm more righteous than everyone else that owns an iPod. I have dear friends with iPods who love them and enjoy them very well. Most of them anyway.

To critique myself a little, I do choose what I listen to by buying CDs and presetting radio stations, but there seems to be a difference in that and exclusively iPodding. Hmmm...


jnthn said...

I would have to agree with you in a lot of ways. I had wanted one for a long time and finally got one in January. Since I've had it, I've noticed how it really does isolate you from the outside world. Sometimes this can be a positive thing; ie when studying, since I'm so easily distracted. But a lot of times I feel like I kind of miss out on some stuff going on around me walking campus or sitting somewhere. Now that the newness has worn off, I don't feel like I have to have it all the time and it's a good feeling. So Rock On with your a-podness.

shauna said...

I agree . . . personally I have actually found myself overwhelmed with all the "latest stuff" out there. Frankly, I can't keep up!! (And my wallet can't keep up) and I don't even want to anymore.

I'm not totally against iPods and the like, but I wish life could be more simple and slow-paced rather than feeling like a mad dash to get the latest and best of stuff.

These days I could have a year old cell phone and feel outdated! . . . therefore I've decided that I can make it simple for myself, while just barely scraping by at keeping up with society.

I prefer reading a book in the park rather than sitting in front of a computer or the TV or pressing buttons on some sort of gadget. It is so enjoyable seeing the icecream truck pull in, and children start screaming and yelling, "Mommy, mommy!!! ICECREAM!"

Man, kids get kicks out of the smallest things. So the other day, Stu and I were leaving our apartment and an icecream truck was driving by, I got all excited, grabbed my wallet and dashed after the truck . . . simple things.

Brandon said...

What's an "iPod"?


Heger said...

Drew! Woa, hows it going, man? I recently checked my blog only to see not 1, not 2, but 3 comments from THE Drew Caperton. The craziest part of it all was that you commented fairly soon after I referenced you in one of my posts.

A question: How did you find my blog? Do you have some kind of power that enables you to automatically know when and where someone mentions your name?

Anyways, your blog has just made my semi-daily reading list. I look forward to seeing/reading about what God does with VOX church (isn't that its name?).

Oh, and to stay on topic, I have an iPod. My parents got it for me for Christmas, and I like it, but I don't necessarily think its better than any of the other much-cheaper-priced MP3 players out there. Either way, I prefer good old CDs to purely digital thingamabobs. I don't know... theres something about having a physical disc and the accompanying artwork that makes the listening experience more "complete". Scratches are no good though...