Thanks to people that sacrifically love me and my family, we have moved every single bit of our stuff from Northwest Arkansas to Lafayette, LA. We had crews both in AR and in LA, and it would have been murder to load/unload ALL that stuff without help. So, if you helped, thanks. If you didn't help, pray that God would send helpers to help us move (if God exists outside of time, than these prayers are still good, right?).

In the grand scheme of things, moving our stuff was the easy part. It's moving our life that will be the hardest transition. Lives just aren't quickly uprooted and then replanted somewhere. And this time inbetween is where we're really going to need friends to help us live in Lafayette. These things of life- community, family, chores, buying, selling, eating, showering, laughing- they all must come around again and settle where our bodies have settled.

God, all that's in my head is in Your hands.


Dallas said...


Lafe said...


Hey man, I am glad you made it to Lafayette alright. Tell the wife, Jedders, and little Shanikwa that I said holla.

EY said...

awwww man....i wanted to have you guys over this week...just got back into the country..and was down for a week with pneumonia....well...guess i'll have to come down to you guys... sending my best...and prayers as you transition into your new life there.

Brandon said...

It's only been a couple of days, and we already miss you guys more than I can explain! I pray that God blesses you 3 more than you can possibly imagine! Stay strong and as always, I'm always here for you!

Man to Man, I love you.