in Lafayette...

Since I've had so many people ask me about moving, I'll go into grand detail about the move, the family, the church, me, here goes.

Driving that long way was very hard, but staying overnight at Peter and Whitney Loibner's home was great. We got in at 10:30 or 11:00 and I was toast (although that didn't stop Pete and I from talking and catching up until 2am). Late morning, great to sit and talk and eat and play with kids. Wilson is turning into a great, healthy, lovable child...and he still looks JUST LIKE WHITNEY! It's really uncanny. They just had child #2, Campbell Trek Loibner, and he was an amazing, cute blob of a baby- early indications say he favors Pete.

The UHaul we took (and THAT will never happen again) kept going bootleg on me with the sideview mirror occasionally whacking against my window. Since it's the only mirror I can see out of to cross into the left lane, I would roll my window down at 75mph and push the thing back out. Amazingly frustrating. I jimmy-rigged it with packing tape and that was that.

We arrived at 7:30pm on the dot and I had friends waiting there for me to help unload the UHaul. It took us a grand total of 1:13 to unload a 17-foot truck and stuff it into a 10x15 storage shed. It was really good to be surrounded by love and support RIGHT when we got there.

Kristy is adjusting well to Lafayette. She misses her family a lot, but I believe God is going to use this time for us to grow closer together as she deals. She's been great for me to talk to and hang out with. Lately, it's been all about the house and the job- two major stressors. We've spent lots of time looking at houses and finding out they're not what we wanted. Although today we ran across one that looked good and found out it was HUD, so the gov't seels it this Friday. We've got a week to bid, they want 97k, and with these things, you've got to bid higher.

Jed is killer. Loving the outdoors as usual, he seems to be making the transition remarkably well. You just don't know how 15-mo olds are going to react to such upheaval, but he's been a trooper (must be taking a cue from Mom). We've adopted my parents' sun room as our designated morning family spot. Kristy and I watch the Today Show and feed Jed while we eat.

The V-O-X is alive and kicking. We're in such an infancy right now that it's hard to know what to do next. It's like I know what I'd like to see in a year, but I have trouble visualizing next week. So, I'm a little off-balance with that. I've spent a lot of time talking with people here and seeing what God is doing here in Lafayette. I've also had a few conversations where we get way into the church and what we're trying to grow here- many good responses from that. Many people have said they were interested in talking more about it.

I'm running in the mornings lately. A lot. I'm working my way up to 2 miles, then the sky's the limit. I've been applying many places here in Lafayette just looking for work, and also looking for houses a lot. It seems like I haven't had a lot of down time (except yesterday, that was nice), but I've got to keep going. If someone asked me how I was doing, I really wouldn't know what to say, I would just mutter something about the church or the family and change the subject. Not trying to hide anything, just not able to articulate how I'm feeling. I'm not even sure I could identify it right now.

Well...Jed is crying and I'm alone with him...